Sunday 8 September 2013

Miso Udon Noodle Soup

From Asian Vegetarian Recipes, Family Circle, Murdoch Books, 2000.
A miso soup is so easy to make.

To begin I measured out 600ml water into a saucepan and added 4g konbu cut into pieces. The water was brought to the boil and then let simmer for about 10 minutes. After this time the konbu was discarded.

I now added 2 tablespoons miso paste and a tablespoon mirin. This was kept hot though not brought to the boil as the ingredients were combined. Now 200g udon noodles were added and cooked for about 5 minutes, still not letting the mixure boil.
Sliced mushrooms were now added for about a minute. The soup was now ready to be served with some sliced spring onions on top.
A miso soup is always a flavoursome broth-like soup. It’s light and pleasing. This one was no exception.
Taste: ✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔✔ 

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