Sunday 27 October 2013

Adele’s Crostoli with Ricotta Cream

From MasterChef Australia: The Cookbook Volume Two, HarperCollins, 2010.
I began this recipe with the intention of making the crostoli but became side tracked and ended up purchasing some ready made. I just made the ricotta cream.

I put 250g ricotta and 75g caster sugar with the zest of an orange into a mixer and beat them until well combined and smooth. Then in went 300ml cream and it was whipped until it had firmed up. Now I folded in 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts, 2 tablespoons chopped dark chocolate and 2 tablespoons chopped preserved ginger. Orange zest was called for but I liked the idea of using ginger. Now a tablespoon Grand Marnier was stirred in.
The crostoli were served with the ricotta cream. While this was a reasonable dessert I would have to say that I didn’t enjoy it over much. The crostoli were fine but the ricotta cream was over rich and somewhat sickly. I didn’t make the crostoli so I wouldn’t rate them but the cream did not go down well with me.
Taste: ✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔✔ 

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