Saturday 14 April 2012

Bread Rings

From Turkey: The Turkish Kitchen, Miller Books, 2008.

Sometimes you find bargains at those cheap book stalls that occasionally pop up at shopping centres. This one was found in Perth and it was so cheap that it was worth it even if it was just to browse through the pages. And when browsing I found this recipe for those bread rings that you see vendors in Turkey selling in the streets.

Yeast was first mixed with some lukewarm water for a little while before some milk was added. Half of the full amount of flour was added and mixed in by hand. Then came some salt, some sugar, some melted butter and an egg. This was all mixed and kneaded before adding the remainder of the flour. Then began more kneading. It became a fairly soft dough that was then left to rise for about half an hour.

At this stage the dough was kneaded again before pieces were taken and rolled out into sausage shapes that were then formed into rings. The dough felt much too loose and was not easy to manage. The rings, such as they were from this very soft dough, were placed on baking trays and beaten egg brushed over them. They were then sprinkled with sesame seeds and went into a 180° oven.

While the bread rings turned out to be more bun than ring, they had a good texture and flavour, very slightly sweet, The next time I make them I think I would use less of the egg in the mixture for it was from the addition of this that the dough became overly soft.

Taste: ✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔

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