Sunday 25 November 2012

Spicy Red Pepper Humus with Coriander Seed Flat Bread

From The Accidental Vegetarian, Simon Rimmer, Mitchell Beazley, 2010.

The humus for this was easily made. A can of chick peas was drained, rinsed and placed in a blender with 3 garlic cloves (3 rather than 4 in the recipe), the juice of 1½ lemons (rather than 3 in the recipe), 3 tablespoons of tahini paste, and 100g of red peppers from a jar of roasted peppers. These were all blended to make a paste. Some olive oil was now mixed in to soften the mixture that was a little thick. It was now seasoned with salt and pepper.

For the bread I dry-fried a teaspoon of coriander seeds and then pounded them in a mortar and pestle until they were broken up.

250g of yoghurt was placed in a bowl with about two teaspoons of dried yeast. Into this was mixed 100g of water brought to the boil with the coriander seeds in it. Though the recipe didn’t say to let the water cool down a little I did before I mixed it into the yoghurt and yeast.

Into this mixture went 200g of plain flour. It was stirred in well and then left for half an hour to prove. Now it was turned out on to a floured bench top and another 250g of flour mixed in with a little olive oil and some salt. This was all given a good kneading and was placed aside for another hour.

The dough was now divided into six portions and each one rolled out to a thin round. It was then fried on a griddle on both sides.

This all turned out to be a good casual dish to eat with the chick pea harira. The humus was a little different from the usual. It was a little strong on its lemony tang even when cut back a little and the flavour of the red peppers seemed to have disappeared, only serving to colour the humus. Nevertheless it was still an acceptable change to the normal humus.

The bread was quite light though perhaps if I make it again I will double the quantity of the coriander for it was a little too subtle, especially when taken with the strongly flavoured humus.

Taste: ✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔

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