Saturday 10 September 2011

Gougères with a Peppery Sauce

Parsnip and Pecan Gougères with Watercress and Rocket Sauce
from Essential Vegetarian, Hermes House, 2003.

This is a small, cheaply produced recipe book I picked up somewhere. It’s only 64 pages long yet each double page spread presents a recipe (left) with a full colour photograph (right) to accompany it. Flipping through the pages reveals a varied selection of items from a variety of cuisines. They all look worthy of trying out.

The gougères are basically choux pastry with the addition of cheese, chopped pecans and paprika. A piece of parsnip is placed in the centre of each and they are baked.

The sauce is simply made from rocket and watercress puréed with yoghurt and seasonings added. Tasty.

This was an easily made snack-type meal. The parsnip in the centre was a soft surprise as you crunched through the nutty gougères, while the sauce added a peppery bite.

Taste: ✔✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔✔

As some of these books may be out of print if anyone would like a particular recipe, email me ( and I’ll send an abbreviated version. Of course, the whole book would be better; it’s loaded with other goodies.

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