Saturday 22 September 2012

Corn and Pea Samosas

From Great Vegetarian Food, The Australian Women’s Weekly, ACP Publishing, 2001.

To begin this dish I made the pastry. One and a half cups of flour went into a bowl and about a tablespoon of butter was added cut into cubes. The recipe called for ghee but I only had butter. This was rubbed into the flour until it had become like breadcrumbs. At this stage about half a cup of warm water was added a little at a time until a dough had formed. It was then kneaded until it had become beautifully smooth. I wrapped it in clingwrap and placed it in the refrigerator while the filling was made.

Firstly half a chopped onion was placed in a saucepan with a little oil and placed on a low heat while I added the other ingredients: a chopped garlic clove; a little ginger grated; teaspoons of coriander seed, cumin seed and garam marsala; a little turmeric; and a little chilli powder. Once the onion had softened half a cup of corn, half a cup of peas and about a third of a cup of coconut cream were added and brought to the boil. It was then left to cool.

The pastry was rolled out thinly and cut into 8 cm rounds. A teaspoon of the filling was placed on and the circle folded over to make a semi-circular samosa. These were fried in hot oil and served.

The recipe made quite a large number of samosas so I only cooked half of them and froze the remainder for a later date.

The Women’s Weekly publish numerous paperback cookery books which you find in nearly every newsagents you walk into. I have always found that you can trust their recipes. This particular book which I have had for some time now I bought for the fact that it had a section of recipes which they call ‘almost vegetarian’. The recipe is totally vegetarian but they have additions that can be added to the dish near the end so that you can add some flesh for those who want it.

Taste: ✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔

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