Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sarah’s Mango, Strawberry and Toffeed Macadamia Pavlova

From MasteerChef Australia, Volume Two: The Cookbook, HarperCollins, 2010.

Never having made a pavlova before and having four egg whites left over from another dish I thought it was time to give it a go.

The four egg whites went into the beater and were whisked until thick. A cup of caster sugar was now added and it was all beaten until well mixed and thick. Now in went two tablespoons of cornflour and two teaspoons of white vinegar. Again it was whisked. It was now quite thick and glossy.

I lay some baking paper on an oven tray and marked out a circle by tracing around a bread-and-butter plate. It was now a simple matter to pour the mixture onto this and mould it into cake shape.

It went into a 150° oven which was then turned down to 120°. After an hour and twenty minutes the oven was turned off and the pavlova remained in there until it had completely cooled. When I eventually took it out it felt good. It had a firm crust.

It was the wrong time of the year for mangoes so I used a can. The slices were placed on an oven tray, topped with half a cup of chopped macadamia nuts and sprinkled over with about two tablespoons of brown sugar. They went in the oven until the grill until the sugar had caramelised. It was left to get cool.

At serving time a small carton of cream was whisked until thick with about a teaspoon of vanilla paste. It was spread over the top of the pavlova. On the top of this went the mango mixture, some strawberries and blueberries. The recipe called for raspberries but I already had strawberries on hand.

Well, it all turned out to be quite a success and didn’t take long to scoff it all down. The crunchy macadamias were great with the sweet fruits. The pavlova had a firm outside which cracked open to reveal the soft chewy interior. A sweet delight. I think I’ll certainly be making more of these. And I would think it would be even better in mango season.

Taste: ✔✔✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔

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