Sunday 21 April 2013

Caramelised Brussels Sprouts with Dried Cranberries

From a recipe by Curtis in Coles Magazine, April 2013.

I don’t usually tend to use recipes on brochures, labels or advertisements because I feel uncertain about their accuracy. I wonder how much they have been tested to ensure that they work. However, some of the recipes in this handout seemed to have possibilities so I thought I’d give some a try.

There was an ingredient of buttered breadcrumbs in this recipe but I had run out of bread and was not prepared to go down to the shop again so decided to go without. The sprouts would have to do without the crunch.

I put on a pot of salted water to bring to the boil while I prepared the Brussels sprouts, trimming the ends and peeling off loose leaves from the outside. They went into the water for three minutes when it was boiling. They were now drained and cut in half.

I put a frying pan with a little olive oil on the stove and let it heat up quite high then placed the sprouts in it cut side down and left them there for about 5 minutes. I now sprinkled on a little salt and some ground black pepper and began to stir them in the pan letting them brown on all sides. When they seemed ready I added a little butter to the pan and a handful of dried cranberries, stirred for a little longer and then served them.

I do like Brussels sprouts and the caramelisation of them in this way added another depth of flavour and with the buttery dredgings from the pan poured over they were especially good. I wish I had been able to add the breadcrumbs—next time, perhaps.

Taste: ✔✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔✔

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