Saturday 23 November 2013

Spinach and Mung Dal Fritters

From Fields of Greens, Annie Somerville, Bantam Books, 1993.
It was belting down rain outside with gusting wind that made an umbrella impossible to use. So I checked the pantry and found I just had sufficient ingredients to make these fritters.

I measured out a cup of mung dal and, after rinsing, soaked it in water for four hours. It was now drained and placed in a blender with ½ cup water. The beans were churned until they had formed a smooth paste. The bowl was now covered and left in a warm place for another couple of hours.

When it was time to cook the fritters the following ingredients were mixed with the paste: about ½ cup defrosted frozen spinach chopped finely, a handful of chopped coriander, a chopped red chilli, ½ teaspoon salt, a pinch of baking powder and the juice of ½ lemon.
The mixture was now dropped into hot oil about a teaspoon at a time. They browned quickly and were able to be stirred so that they browned on all sides. Once removed from the pan they were able to be eaten after letting them cool a little.
The mixture made quite a lot of fritters (I wouldn’t really call them fritters as they were more in the way of little dumping bites) but they soon began to go down as the eating commenced. They needed a sauce to go with them and went very well with a sweet chilli sauce or a fresh salsa verde.
Taste: ✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔

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