Sunday 13 November 2011

Kuching: Fook Khang Restaurant

The next restaurant tried was the Fook Khang. We walked there but wished we hadn’t; it was much further than it appeared on the map.

The restaurant was well patronised—a good sign. We managed to obtain a table and when the waitress came to serve she was asked to suggest what might be a good meal. We did however stipulate that we wanted to have a dish of midin. She chose well for us with the other two dishes.

Midin is a local fern which I had been wanting to taste for some time but it was generally cooked with belachan. This one was also served with belachan but it was vegetarian. The midin was worth the wait. The fern is flavoursome as a green and retains a small amount of crunch.

The waitress suggested what was called ‘rids’ on the menu. I thought this was supposed to be ribs, but as we had the same name at another restaurant I’m not sure that I was right.  This dish proved to be my favourite from all the restaurants we eventually visited. The mock meat pieces were crisp and the sauce was rich.

We also had a handmade bean curd dish. The bean curd was made on the premises and not bought in. The curd was creamy and flavoursome like no other bean curd I had ever eaten before. As a contrast to the crispy rids, these soft pieces of curd floating in a gentle sauce were excellent.

Chinese tea accompanied the meal.

It was an exceptionally good meal chosen by the waitress. I can see why the restaurant was well patronised. And you can see by this shot of the table at the end of the meal just how much we enjoyed it.

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