Sunday 13 November 2011

Kuching: Zhun San Yen Restaurant

It had become quite clear that finding meals for a vegetarian was not going to be easy in Kuching. Looking into a tourist guide we found the names of two vegetarian restaurants. A friend gave us the names of two also. With one repeat in the two lists we now had three to try out.

The first was Zhun San Yen which was not far from the hotel. So this was first one that was tried out.

It was a buffet-style restaurant. There was a good selection of dishes to choose from. The food was pleasant, a little over-cooked but a nice selection of flavours and textures. As a place for a fast but satisfying meal this was a good choice.

I had lime juice to drink. This was a new sensation for me as it was flavoured with salt as well as sugar. The woman at the counter explained this as ‘Asian style’. I liked it.

The other drink is an iced tea.

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