Sunday 13 November 2011

Kuching: A Kolo Mee at Carpenter Street

Carpenter Street

One day in Kuching we walked along the rather wonderful Carpenter Street. Once apparently a small lane, Coffin Lane, led from here where you had coffins made. Nowadays the street is largely the street to go to find furniture. There’s a large number of furniture streets along its length.

We stopped at the old Chinese Opera Theatre. The stage seems to have been retained standing grandly there, but in front where the audience would have been are now tables and chairs and food stalls.

My partner wanted to renew acquaintance with some of the food eaten as a child in Kuching so we decided to eat there. It is incredibly difficult to obtain vegetarian food at the local food stalls. However at one stand the lady said she would make me a dry Kolo Mee, that is, I could have the noodles without the meat broth.

That suited me so I was able to have the Kolo Mee. The noodles were fresh and subtly flavoured. They were topped with crunchy bean sprouts and greens. I thoroughly enjoyed my plate of noodles at the Chinese Opera.

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