Sunday 13 November 2011

Kuching: A Western Meal

One day on our way from Permai to Kuching we noticed a large new supermarket so we decided to investigate. It was huge and consisted of several separate buildings that seemed to be in an area that so far had not been developed. Everyone would have had to arrive by car—and they certainly did. When the area does become more developed it will be amazingly well situated.

There were numerous places to eat. We visited most of them looking for one that might have had vegetarian food—without any real success. So we had to eventually settle for one cafĂ© that was not near any of the other food places. It was a bit more up-market and the menu had a selection of Western Food. This was also mainly not vegetarian. However I was able to get two items to satisfy my hunger: A cheese sandwich and French fries with mayonnaise.

It was here that I was introduced to a great cold drink that I was destined to have more of during the stay in Kuching: Teh C ‘Special’. It had three levels of different teas. The bottom was richly sweet and caramelly and gradually you worked your way up to the less sweet upper layer. It is a really special drink.

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