Thursday 17 November 2011

Kuching: Popular Vegetarian Restaurant

The last restaurant we tried was one we found by accident. It proved to be a good find. It was named 'Popular' which proved a good name for us.

As soon as we entered we felt the difference in this venue from the others we had tried. It was quite spacious with room between all the tables. There were  tablecloths on them. The staff was dressed uniformly.

We were approached by a genial maître d’ who instantly made us feel welcome. When we asked that the friendly host suggest a meal for us he had hesitation in telling us what he would recommend. He was spot on for it was an excellent meal.

We had a soup which the maître d’ said was good for our health. It contained a host of ingredients and it was difficult to actually work out what the flavours were though ginger came through. It was light and refreshing.

For a green dish the host suggested midin but as we said we’d rather try something else he came up with a dish of a local green that was unknown to us.

Our final dish was of taro. Another very tasty one.

A dish of watermelon was supplied at the end to cleanse our palates. This was complimentary unlike the Thank Food which I guess would have charged for it.

While I still think the ‘rids’ at the Fook Khang was my favourite dish, I feel that Popular Vegetarian Restaurant would have to be the best of the four we had tried.

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