Thursday 19 June 2014

Tunisian Carrot Salad

From Gourmet Vegetarian, Jane Price, Murdoch Books, 2007.
I always enjoy meals with the flavours of the Middle East.

I peeled and sliced three carrots and put them in a pot of salted water to bring them to the boil and cook them until they were just done. They were drained.
Meanwhile a dressing was made of a garlic clove crushed in a mortar and pestle with a little salt, a little ground cumin and a few grindings of black pepper. This paste was mixed with a ¼ teaspoon harissa, a touch of red wine vinegar and some olive oil. After tasting to see that it worked well it was poured over the carrots.
About a tablespoon of chopped parsley was added together with 6 black kalamata olives. At serving time a boiled egg was sliced into quarters and added to the dish.
A pleasing salad.
Taste: ✔✔✔
Ease of cooking: ✔✔✔✔ 

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